Mr Kitly Selfwatering Plantpot - Pale Apricot

Mr Kitly Selfwatering Plantpot - Pale Apricot

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Selfwatering plant pot with unique water supply and aeration system. An original design classic made in Melbourne.

When potting make sure you fill the hollow cones in the base of plant pot with potting mix. Water your plant from the top for the first four days to ensure moist soil.

After the first four days you can continue to water plant as needed at top, or to ensure plant sips only the water it needs, water directly through the side opening hole on outside of pot.


  • 170mm Plantpot - Diameter 170mm, Height 140mm, Planting Depth 100mm
  • 250mm Plantpot - Diameter 250mm, Height 210mm, Planting Depth 150mm
  • 300mm Plantpot - Diameter 300mm, Height 250mm, Planting Depth 175mm
  • 375mm Plantpot - Diameter 375mm, Height 300mm, Planting Depth 220mm