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Olive 'Kalamata'

Olive 'Kalamata'

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Olea 'Kalamata' Olive

Originating in Greece this evergreen tree is grown for its edible fruits and attractive foliage. Kalamata is a very popular table olive.

FEATURES: A regular bearer, the ornamental tree develops a gnarled trunk as it ages. Fruit is large, tapering to a point and intense black when fully ripe. It has a thin skin and a small stone.

CONDITIONS: Choose an open sunny position in well-drained soil. Dig a hole twice the width of the roots. Spread the roots out slightly, cover with soil and water in well. Do not place fertiliser in planting hole, as this may burn the roots. However some well rotted compost or very old animal manure will be beneficial.

After planting spread mulch above the roots to retain soil moisture and suppress weeds, but keep away from the trunk.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Apply fertiliser to soil above roots in Spring and Autumn and water in well. Remove weeds as soon as they appear. Correct pruning techniques are essential to the trees fruiting success.


  • can be picked when green or black
  • use in Mediterranean style dishes and hors d'oeuvres
  • a favourite for home pickling.

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